Phonedial App Features

2nd Phone Numbers

Get a 2nd number to your smartphone to keep your personal number private.

International calling

Make high quality international calls to any mobile or landline phone number directly from the Phonedial app


Receive Voicemail from the PhoneDial App, listen to the message and return call in one click 

Instant Messaging

Phonedial instant messenger allows you to message anyone in the world in real time for free.

Block Calls

Call Blocking allows you to prevent incoming calls from spam calls, telemarketing, and other unwanted telephone calls.

Phonedialing (App-App)

Calls to all Phonedialers are always free anywhere in the world

Call Recording

Phonedial call recording option allows you to record all important call conversation you might have missed during a call.

Call Conferencing

Keep your callers entertained while on Hold

Call Transfer

Transfer callers to another number while on a call.

On Hold Message

Don't keep your caller's hanging! Keep them entertained while waiting on hold

Speed Dial

Enjoy a convenient way to save and quickly access phone numbers that you frequently use.

Video Calling

Enjoy video calling with your love ones

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